Robert Mangold, A, from Frames & Ellipses, 1988

A, from Frames & Ellipses

Robert Mangold, B, from Frames & Ellipses, 1988

B, from Frames & Ellipses

Robert Mangold, C, from Frames & Ellipses, 1988

C, from Frames & Ellipses

(Parasol, 2000, cat. no. RM24)

Frames & Ellipses A,B,C

set of three related aquatints on steel faced copper plates
Paper Size: variable dimensions; Image Size: variable dimensions
signed right of center front
Edition of 40, 10 AP, RTP
Published by Parasol Press, New York
Printed by Doris Simmelink, Chris Sukimoto, Sarah Todd at Simmelink/Sukimoto Editions, Marina Del Rey, California
Plates were cut to specific shapes and then printed in variable positions and in various colors. A and C use the same basic left and right plates, B uses the same basic right plate as A and C, but a different left plate which was also used for the Brooklyn Academy of Music 1988 editions (RM25 & RM26).